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Training as an Umpire

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) has constructed a developmental "pyramid" (shown below) for all umpires wishing to progress to higher level cricket. There is no compulsion to follow this pathway simply because it is there, and many umpires will be content to achieve the first level of qualification and to remain serving their local clubs and leagues at the grass roots. However, for those who have the ambition and the aptitude, there is no bar to officiating at the very highest level.

Click the links below to find out more about each of the levels offered.

red triangleIntroduction to Umpiring

  • One evening session, led by trained district association tutors
  • Target audience: Occasional umpires (parents, coaches, players)
  • Most common Laws encountered during a day's play
  • Not examined - no qualification - but certificate issued

    red triangleUmpire Level 1 (Club Umpire)

  • Those wishing to qualify as umpires start here
  • Led by trained district association tutors
  • All Laws relevant to single-day cricket covered
  • Optional exam: passes are accredited ECB Level 1 Umpires
  • National ECB ACO membership recommended, but optional at Level 1

    red triangleUmpire Level 1A (Panel Umpire)

  • After first season, for ECB ACO member Level 1 passes wishing to progress
  • Led by trained district association tutors
  • Scenario-based, concentrating on man-management and fieldcraft
  • An on-field assessment in the season following (or season after)
  • Feedback provided in a professional discussion with assessor
  • Passes are accredited ECB Level 1A Umpires

    Beyond Level 1A

  • Level 2 for Level 1A passes, probably with a few years' experience
  • L2 qualifies for ECB Premier League 1st XI Premier Division matches and similar
  • Level 3 for Level 2 passes with additional years' experience and county ACO approval
  • L3 qualifies for multi-day county age-group, 2nd XI matches and similar
  • Level 2 & 3 training provided at county and regional level.
  • Level 4 for umpires seeking professional status (ECB employees).

    Diagram showing umpire development progression