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Training as a Scorer

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) has constructed a developmental pathway for all scorers wishing to progress to higher level cricket. There is no compulsion to follow this pathway simply because it is there, and many scorers will be content to achieve the first level of qualification and to remain serving their local clubs and leagues at the grass roots. However, for those who have the ambition and the aptitude, there is no bar to officiating at the very highest level.

Click the links below to find out more about each of the levels offered.

Information can also be found on the Scorer Courses page of the ECB ACO website.

red triangleIntroduction to Scoring

  • Basic introduction to filling in a scoresheet; led by trained district association tutors
  • Target audience: a group of occasional scorers (parents, coaches, players)
  • Not examined

    red triangleScorer Level 1 (Club Scorer)

  • Individuals wishing to train as scorers start here
  • Led by trained district association tutors
  • All major Laws relevant to scoring single-day cricket covered
  • Use of the 10 key areas of the scoresheet explained
  • Several scoring exercises included
  • Level 1 awarded following assessment of 10+ games' records during following season

    Beyond Level 1

  • Level 2 for Level 1 passes, probably with a few years' experience
  • L2 provides qualification for ECB Premier League matches and similar
  • Level 3 for Level 2 passes with additional years' experience and county ACO approval
  • L3 provides qualification for multi-day county age-group and professional cricket
  • L3 is the highest scorer qualification available