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1 - Title

The Title shall be "West Surrey Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers", hereinafter referred to as "the Association".

2 - Objects

The Objects of the Association shall be:

(a) To improve standards of cricket umpiring and scoring by education, by preparation for examination and by all other available means.

(b) To improve the status of cricket umpires and scorers and to promote and protect their interests.

(c) To co-operate and cultivate good relations with all bodies associated with cricket for the improvement of the game and the application of its Laws.

(d) To take such action and make such recommendations as may be considered desirable in the interests of cricket in general and for the benefit of umpires and scorers in particular.

3 - Membership

All persons who share the aims and objects of the Association as listed in Rule 2 are eligible for membership.

4 - Subscriptions

All members shall pay an annual subscription to cover the calendar year commencing on the 1st January, the amount of which shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority of the members at the Annual General Meeting.

5 - Executive Committee

The Association shall be governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Training Officer, Welfare Officer, Representative to Surrey Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (SCB ACO) and three other members, all to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. At least one member of the Executive Committee shall be a Scorer member. If necessary, an Executive Committee member may hold any two portfolios as titled above, but not more. Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. In the event of equal voting taking place at any meeting of the Association or Executive Committee, the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote. The Executive Committee shall be the authority for the interpretation and enforcement of the Association's Rules and shall have full jurisdiction over all matters not provided for therein. In the event of there being any vacancy upon the Executive Committee, the remaining Executive Committee shall have the power to fill such a vacancy from the membership, to be effective until the next Annual General Meeting.

6 - Expenses

Expenses reasonably incurred by Executive Committee members, Umpire Tutors and Scorer Tutors whilst conducting the business of the Association shall, if claimed, be reimbursed from the Association Treasury. Expenses payments to other individuals who have conducted Association business shall also be made but must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to reimbursement. With the exception of car travel, claimants shall submit receipts for such Expenses to the Treasurer. In the case of car travel claims, reasonable mileage estimates shall be submitted to the Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall propose the ongoing car travel mileage rate at each Annual General Meeting, and shall seek approval for this rate from a simple majority of Association Members attending. If the rate proposed is not approved, the previous rate shall be retained.

6a - Car Mileage Rate

The rate shall be 30p per mile.

7 - Welfare Policy

The Association may exercise the power to adopt and implement the England and Wales Cricket Board Welfare Policies and Programmes, including the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal records checking procedures. The Association requires practising umpires, scorers, instructors and, at its discretion, other members of the Association to hold a current Enhanced Disclosure Certificate issued by the DBS.

8 - Annual General Meeting

The financial year of the Association shall end on 31st December each year and the Annual General Meeting shall be held in February each year. At least fourteen clear days' notice of the meeting shall be given in writing or by e-mail to all members. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

To receive reports from the Officers, to consider and adopt the statement of accounts, to elect the Officers and the Executive Committee for the ensuing year, to appoint auditors, to add to or amend the Rules of the Association and consider any other business of which due notice shall have been given. All resolutions for consideration of the Annual General Meeting shall be received by the Secretary not later than 1st February. To be effective, all alterations and additions to the Rules must be approved by two-thirds of those present and voting at the Annual General Meeting.

A quorum at any Annual General Meeting shall consist of ten members of the Association whose subscriptions shall have been paid up to date.

8 - Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting shall be held at the request of any ten members in writing to the Secretary, stating the business to be transacted. The Secretary shall convene the Meeting within twenty-eight days of receiving such notification.

9 - President

The President of the Association shall be elected by a majority of the members at an Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for life or until his subsequent resignation.

10 - Life Membership

On the recommendation of the Executive Committee, this honour may be conferred by the members at an Annual General Meeting on any member considered to have given meritorious service to the Association.

Dale Corstorphine, Hon. Secretary, February 2014