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Overs Cards (Graham Cooper's GC97 design)

image of GC97 overs cardSuitable for matches up to 65 overs per side.

Reverse has space for 7 bowlers per team and 12 overs per bowler.

Unlaminated - 1 card used for both innings.

See "Cooper Card" on

Pack 25 - 2.40
Pack 50 - 4.20
Pack 100 - 8.00

(inc. 1st Class postage/packing)


Cheques payable and sent to:

Graham Cooper
39 Trenance
Goldsworth Park
Surrey GU21 3LR

During 2012, and up to May 20th 2013, some of the cards I supplied were slightly thinner than those I usually supply.
This was an intermittent problem that did not affect everybody.
I have recently taken delivery of a new batch and they are all of the original quality.
If anyone has had any serious issues with the thinner card please let me know and I will be happy to compensate you for the inconvenience.